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Distracted driving is a huge Topic

Amtrak Accident Distracted Driving Distracted driving is a huge topic these days when talking about auto accidents Most of us are aware how dangerous texting while driving is and in fact more and more states are passing stricter laws which ticket those caught texting and driving In addition to texting and driving our multi-tasking society engages in a wide variety of distracted driving behaviors such as eating drinking talking on the phone changing radio stations searching for music on a phone fiddling with the GPS turning around to see what the children are doing talking to passengers looking to see what is happening on the side of the road and even putting on makeup and posting to social media Was Engineer Distracted in Washington Amtrak Collision Those who persist in doing many other things besides driving while driving will likely see the distracted laws continue to increase in severity But what about the increase in the number of train crashes over the past few years is distracted driving to blame for these accidents as well Authorities focusing on the recent fatal Amtrak crash near Tacoma 

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It's Christmas

It's Christmas. On December 25 The Lord gave us Jesus Christ When he was born the world was saved He would be the one to save all from sin To this date many people celebrate the wonderful joyous holiday On Christmas we go to Mass to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ Matthew 1 21 She will give birth to a son and you are to give him the name Jesus because he will save his people from their sins This Christmas break was an eventful one for sure I didn't do much but when I did do something it was jam packed with all emotions possible It starts on Friday 22nd 2017 I woke up on a cold day at around 9 45 I hopped out of bed on to my warm soft carpet that meets up with a cold hard white tile in my bathroom I put in my contacts just like every other day this year I proceeded to walk down the stairs but abruptly come to a halt as I m greeted by my two cold and wet dogs Their names are Nico a black lab mix and Kolt a young funny happy playful but yet aggressive Chihuahua Dachshund Eww I exclaimed they cover me with dog kisses I walked down the stairs that seemed like they lasted forever I finally made it downstairs and walked across the loud hardwood floors I poured myself a bowl of cereal and grabbed the cold white milk out of the refrigerator After I finished munching on cereal I went up to my room and spent all day watching Youtube videos That was the same story for the next day the 23 because it started and ended the exact same way The 24th of December also known as Christmas Eve was a very enjoyable day for my family and I The day started with a bowl of Christmas Rice Krispies and a peppermint mocha from Starbucks That was really the entire morning for me because I woke up at 12 58 pm Once the clock struck 2 my family had to get on our big heavy warm coats our hats and gloves We grabbed the presents for our cousins and we hopped in the cold black car and drove to my grandparents This is where the madness begins

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Epigenetic Memory Phenomenon

Epigenetic Memory Phenomenon Each cell type has a specific epigenome which is configured by the aforementioned alterations in chromatin level DNA methylation histone modifications and small non coding RNAs The combination and interaction of these alterations form the structure of chromatin In the case of pluripotent cells the configuration of chromatin is open and not compacted allowing post translational modifications during cell differentiation The switching from pluripotent to specialized cells is conducted according to the form of chromatin domains close to the transcription start sites TSS of genes which will determine the expression suppression of genes associated with development 19 20 As it was mentioned before induced pluripotent cell lines collect many aberrations in a genetic and epigenetic level during reprogramming These aberrations along with the pre existing maintained epigenetic markers of somatic cells can modify the epigenome and transcriptome of iPS cells When this modified epigenome is inherited by the iPSCs it is called epigenetic memory 6 21 22 Although iPSCs are pretty similar to ESCs there seem to be some small differences in transcription and epigenetic level These changes have been revealed from several analyses in the DNA methylation level of iPSCs and specifically in the cytosine methylation of CpG nucleotides

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