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Self-identity and culture is an integral part of Indian Women

Self identity and culture is an integral part of Indian women who refused to buckle themselves under the pressure and succeeded in changing their own lives and lives of those who are dependent on them In literature it was being portrayed by majority of writers among them Bharati Mukherjee became the live example of a free woman who through her novels portrayed the struggles of immigrant women for achieving their identity Mukherjee provides confidence for the readers to challenge boldly against the traditional framework of the society and to turn her way towards a new consciousness of her own worth and place in the society Bharati Mukherjee is a well known immigrant writers of America who started her writing career at the age of three She has achieved many prestigious awards Mukherjee was born in Calcutta on July 27 1940 in a wealthy Brahmin family In 1947 she moved to London along with her family After three years they returned to India Mukherjee continued her studies in India After pursuing her graduation Mukherjee s father selected a groom for her to marry 

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The Communication Roles for the Leader

The Leader as communicator Strategies and Tactics to Build Loyalty Focus Effort and Spark Creativity explain the communication roles for the leader like community builder navigator renewal champion They also point out the critical issues for leadership communication Leadership for Transformational Leadership gives an overview of transformational leadership and some distinct personalities of transformational leadership Team development and Leadership explains various aspects of Team Building and Development In addition will be describes the role of communication and motivation in a team He also explains some leadership theories models and styles Leadership Research findings Practice and Skills explains with examples and exercises various aspects of leadership conducted a study on Construction Development and Consequences of Job Satisfaction in the Public and Private sector of Pakistan It investigated job satisfaction concepts by considering job satisfaction factors leader manager s behavior and effects of job satisfaction in the form of organizational efficiency and individual efficiency It studies the construction development and consequences of job satisfaction The data is collected from Public and Private Sector in Pakistan through a survey by using two different questionnaires one for employees and one for managers It concludes that the job satisfaction factors and manager behavior are the inputs in the construction and development of employees job satisfaction Six factors promotion pay benefit rewards coworkers and job responsibilities and managerial style middle to the road managerial style form the most important basis to build the satisfaction level of the employees Job Satisfaction dissatisfaction of an employee affects the organizational efficiency Managers can manage policies related to factors and design training accordingly for the desired leadership behavior according to employee preference 2 1 Period of Study After review of literature and having discussion with certain organization employees and Organization Managers an interview schedule will have framed to conduct the pilot study using a questionnaire for a period of three months from September 2017 to December 2017 After testing the reliability and fixing the sample size the final questionnaire will also be administered organization managers and organization employees for a period of 6 months from September 2017 to February 2018 2 2 Period of Reference

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