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Demian grapples with uncertainties about who he Is

Demian grapples with uncertainties about who he is and subjects himself to self brought on isolation from those around him He views himself as drastically different from the average person and chooses to focus solely on those differences rather than a blend of what all humans share and what makes each unique Throughout his life he is constantly seeking mentors who he believes will answer his many questions about life and chooses to only associate with those who are different like him Not realizing that by doing this he is isolating himself from thousands of equally as interesting people who just view the world in a different light He questions everything he is presented with and displays great curiosity which results in him viewing the world as a grey scale rather than in black and white but he passes over chances to befriend people who would broaden that spectrum even more and enlighten his views to include color Emil s retelling of his life begins during his adolescence A time during which a human grows physically and develops mental capabilities but is still wrapped in a cocoon of innocence one where a parent or older figure s words values and ideas are the absolute truth His first harsh intake of life outside of this cocoon comes when he meets Kramer In an effort to impressive the seemingly older and more grown up boy Emil spins a lie that lands him in trouble 

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