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The main components of fusion reactors are Blanket

The main components of fusion reactors are Blanket The blankets have the main functions of recovering and converting the fusion power into high grade heat of entirely producing the required tritium fuel and of producing the necessary shielding efficiency from high energy neutrons for steel vacuum vessel and external machine components Besides these power plant blankets must comply with safety and environmental requirements especially concerning accidental sequence behaviour and low activation characteristics for the short and long term 8 It is the most critical and challenging components of reactor since it faces the hot plasma and neutrons directly Coolant is always circulated through the blankets Beryllium was used in JET as a cover to the first wall but it breeds plutonium into the reactor So other materials are researched as an alternative For self sustaining fusion to occur the reaction must produce one tritium per reaction For that purposes the new material for breeder blanket is being developed known as Eurofer steel which is a low activation ferritic martensitic steel There are several of these blanket concepts has been developed like helium cooled led lithium blanket HCLL and water cooled lead lithium blanket WCLL 7 9 Magnet System

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