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Problems that have arisen could be due to the differences in Personalities

Problems that have arisen could be due to the differences in personalities The chief executive has a more extraverted personality as he is keen on rapid expansion whereas the employees are more conscientiousness as they are more cautious and don t want to open new offices where there is risk Therefore what we have now is a clash between personalities Graham 2009 It is evident there is now conflict within in the workplace that needs to be addressed This is where another issues arises as the conflict is not being addressed which has resulted in strained relationships and furthermore the finance manager resigning There is a lot of staff turnover happening in the company which will have a detrimental effect on the company if no action is taken Moreover in order to overcome the issues there is a need to increase cohesion as it is evident communication has declined which has resulted in the team falling apart A meta analysis found that cohesion is significantly related to performance in a variety of teams r 2 48 Mullen Cooper 1994 Without cohesion there is a lack of communication which also means no progress being made to come up with a solution to the problems which is fairly obvious within this team 

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