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Running head PROFESSION OF ARMS 1 Profession of Arms SGT Powers Anton Noncommissioned Officer Academy Class number Teacher Mr Commander Abstract The definition of Profession according to the Oxford Dictionary A paid occupation especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification In correlation to Profession of Arms there are three definitions that apply PROFESSION OF ARMS 2 Knowledge Facts information and skills acquired through experience or education the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject Wisdom The quality of having experience knowledge and good judgment the quality of being wise Understanding The ability to understand something comprehension Not without adaptation concerning the profession which would take significant time and deep personal commitment to developing and improving the craft this profession should have correlated to a purpose or calling The U S Army balancing the role of the profession s leaders consist of the BE KNOW DO concept according to FM 6 22 is required of Army leaders in keeping the profession and the future professionals Expertise The knowledge of the offense defense and stability on land in an austere environment The ability to train and raise civilians into soldiers and develop soldiers PROFESSION OF ARMS 3 into effective and adaptable leaders in a changing world To be governed doctrinally on when and where to fight for what is right domestically and internationally according to the Constitution of the United States and the Geneva Convention and Rules of Engagement Political Cultural Expertise 

The science of understanding how to conduct oneself in different cultures within both the United States and Internationally US Army community is the system of people with shared signification held by its Soldier in shared mental attitude such as laws goals and practices that have and is seen in the larger global scale over time The Army civilization and its leadership must stay aware at the institutional level and possess self cognizance at the company level In order for leaders to impact and guide soldiers it is essential to have the information in to evaluate what is working and what isn t The Army culture must continue to adapt to the current missions and adapt to the many forms of missions in the future as well The Army culture can create a system where soldiers think they are not trusted and create attitudes where transparency and open dialog are not encouraged The environment is often driven by physical aspects of the culture that represent the U S Army value scheme such as customs traditions wages and penalization communications current operation and excellence of leadership It is important how we think and feel about the organization of the U S Army Good leaders must continue to acculturation because it can be changed quickly For example replacing toxic leaders that violate EO and SHARP policies or improving a poor promotion selection system PROFESSION OF ARMS 4 Human Resource Sergeants role in the Army profession The HR Sergeant role is important to the Army profession The HR Professional directly impacts a soldier s morale and readiness What is profound about the HR Professional is simultaneously have the ability to take care of the Commander s thoughts missions as well as the Soldier s family If any of those responsibilities are out of sync on any level the organization will not function properly That is why the HR Sergeant must always keep in mind the Human Resource Support teams We are in the business of making sure that 

Soldiers never have to worry PROFESSION OF ARMS 5 Human Resource Sergeant at law who provide customer service needs must be guided by six enduring unity principles of HR accompaniment Integration by bringing together support which consist of tasks subroutine systems processes and governance to accomplish the mission Anticipation built on the professional mind from past situations pertinent information education intelligence and organization Foresightedness to produce the appropriate HR backup Responsiveness is providing the right support to the right place at the right time for the commanders to shuffling rapid decisions Synchronizing deal with ensuring the HR operational outgrowth is assessed planned and executed Timeliness make certain the command has access to accurate HR information and analytic thinking that support the operational work Accuracy vital information is precise not only on decisions shuffle by Commanders but on what impacts Soldiers and their next of kin The HR Sergeant has several responsibilities They are responsible for processing transactions into E MILPO In and Out processing managing Leave Management Logs process Awards and Postal operations They also ensure that Monthly reports are processed and submitted in a timely manner They advise the Command and Staff on personnel promotions and finance related matters to include strength levels of subordinate companies They review consolidated promotions financial reports statistics and prepare recommendations to higher echelons on personnel utilization Lastly they supervise mentor and counsel all Soldiers

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