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Environmental, Social, and Governance and Machine Intelligence

Machine Intelligence is a branch off of Artificial Intelligence Although the lines often cross or become blurred Artificial Intelligence can be thought of as an umbrella term that encompasses any input being asked of a machine and in return that machine generates an output that would we consider correct and in line with the original request Machine Intelligence can be thought of giving a machine lots of data and information and allowing that machine s algorithms to take that information and makes sense of that information or learn from it by itself Without asking for a certain output Machine Intelligence can start seeing correlations and patterns that was hidden in the data These patterns predictions correlation or self-taught skill was not originally coded to find generate or learn This is creating a major advantage as this technology continues to get better when applying it to Big Data or extremely large data sets The amount of ESG information that is becoming available today has become an extremely large data set or as we call it Big ESG Data Company in the past did not feel obligated or find it necessary for them to report on ESG topics New standards and pressures have pushed companies in this decade to be more clear with their practices and approaches to running day to day operations

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