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WHO 2000 Service provision refers to the way inputs such as money, staff equipment and drugs

According to the World Health Organisation WHO 2000 Service provision refers to the way inputs such as money staff equipment and drugs are combined to allow the delivery of health interventions Health service provision is the most visible and familiar product of the healthcare system As previously stated Middlesbrough has an issue with sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases there have been services in place since 2011 to help address this issue The first point of contact of healthcare for most people is usually their general practitioner GP or accident and emergency A E this is determined as primary healthcare The aim of primary care is to provide an accessible course of healthcare to all patients no matter the query Primary care however treats the patient rather than the specifics of the medical problem meaning that a GP is dealing with more genetic diseases than specialising in particular areas resulting in referrals to secondary care professionals University of Bristol 2017 Sexual health services in Middlesbrough are free of charge and are open access a patient can self refer and chose to use a service at the location of their choice 

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