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A Introduction Salaries Wages and other sources of work income are of course matters of wellbeing However things that affect the experience of work are also important and in result affect work satisfying With satisfying and rewarding work will bring positive effect on person health effectiveness well being and happiness Role conflict and role stress have it consequences on workplace In this essay we will investigate the relationship and implication between role conflict in work and role stress the essay layout with the main subjects will go through A Introduction My role conflict Problem B Context and Theory C Answer case question D Implications E Conclusion and recommendations F References My role conflict Problem In my previous experience in work were malty nationality organization is working and operating through 3 regional main offices in Erbil Baghdad and Basrah each covering several sub-offices in different locations There was in change in structure and management were the Baghdad and Basrah regional offices have the operational function through the Operation Officer to run the business under there area of responsibility only while Erbil regional offices have both Operational function with Operation Officer and PM office were the 

Technical function determining the work policy setting the standard Operation Procedures developing the tools and templates to be use and overseeing the nationwide through Technical Officers I hold the Technical Officer position to oversee around 30 Business Advisor nationwide It is a position that require continues communication and coaching for the Business Advisors including those under the Baghdad and Basra Area of responsibility There was escalated misunderstanding between myself and the operations officers in Baghdad and Basrah which lead to block of communication with the business advisors working under Baghdad and Basrah main office and implication of the blocked communication led to delay in program implantation Quality of delivery and different technical approaches in implementation throw out the country B Context and Theory While the Role of person may vary with different situation location time or even require accomplishment each of us may have to perform several roles with family friends colleagues were his her role will be affected and influenced by combination of factors related to the situation such us the communication requirements of the role the leadership style and position with other factors related to the person him her self which is link to his ability skills experience behavior knowledge attitude habits and motivation

This lead that roles person play in the certain group will be quite different sometimes with the same person roles with another group which may become similar to the figure below Figure 1 Representation of a possible role set in the work situation Laurie 2010 Role expectations When reflect and indicate what the person expects to do in their required duties 

In Systematic Organization Formal role expectations give roadmap for the expected behaviors of the performer Some of the examples to the formal role expectation are Terms of reference Job descriptions rules and regulations and Standard police's ROLE CONFLICT Patterns of behaviour result from both the role and the personality The concept of role focuses attention on aspects of behaviour existing independently of an individual's personality Laurie 2010 And as Fajar 2015 stated conflict can be divided into two types namely the internal conflict and external conflict Internal conflicts related to what is believed principles or handle individual life itself External conflict occurs when dealing with other people and the environment The role conflict can happen between two or more people with incompatibility between It may happen even if the roles were clearly defined and agreed on when behavior will not be consistent with the expectation of the role Role conflict as a generic term can include role incompatibility role ambiguity role overload role underload Laurie 2010

These are all problem areas associated with the creation of role expectations see Figure 2 Figure 2 Role relationships and conflicts Laurie 2010 Role incompatibility When opposing expectations received by the person from a different group of people example of my role conflict problem while the operation officers of Baghdad and Basrah want to cut the communication between the technical officer and the related staff in the field to maintain control It seen us a chance to receive technical support by the staff who maintain the communication through unofficial channels 

Role ambiguity will happen when there is unclear or lack of information about the role requirements and affect Also when there is little or mix margin during implementation of work between General operational and tasks follow up and between providing technical support Role overload is when a person is under pressure of too many roles that require his her attention in limited time It will lead to Priority conflict and to miss some of the require or expected roles performance focusing on quantity rather than quality of the provided roles tasks Researchers sometimes differentiate between Role overload when the person has too many different roles to do and the Work overload when the same role have too many expectations Role underload can arise when the prescribed role expectations fall short of the person's perception of their role The person may feel their role is not demanding enough and that they have the capacity to undertake a larger or more varied role or an increased number of roles Role underload may arise for example when a new member of staff is first appointed or from the initial effects of empowerment

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