Essay Example on Salem Witch Trials and The McCarthy Era.


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Leah Zafir Mrs. Ephrati American History 12 December 2017, Salem Witch Trials and The McCarthy Era. The United States of America is filled with many historic events enriching its history. Many events that occur are compared to past events in our history. In particular, the McCarthy Era in the 1950s was compared to the Salem Witch Trials which occurred in 1692. This correlation was first made by Arthur Miller who wrote the play The Crucible. He connected the time period of McCarthy to where there was a hunt for communists to the Salem Witch Trials where there was a hunt for witches. Following that many comparisons and contrasts have been made between the two The Salem Witch Trials and McCarthy Era are both similar yet different.

 Miller The Salem Witch Trial was caused by a combination of numerous different factors and events. Firstly the people in Salem town were extremely religious devout puritans who believed in the powers of the devil. They believed that the devil would give supernatural powers to some people in response for their loyalty to harm others. This created fear amongst the colonist of witchcraft and the supernatural. Hence the scapegoating during the Salem Witch Trial was backed by the fear and anxiety that resonated amidst the colony. In addition, there was a lot of stress in the colony due to a recent smallpox epidemic and attacks from the neighboring Native Americans staff.

Also, there was a lot of politics going on in the town between the farmers who wanted to separate from Salem town and the wealthy who wanted to stay connected due to their economic ties. This led to controversy over Rev Samuel Parris who was mostly supported by the farmers. All these factors together led to the infamous Salem Witch Trials Sutter. The Salem Witch Trials took place in Massachusetts in the year 1692. It began when the daughter and niece of Samuel Parris Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams and other girls began having fits and uncontrollable screaming outbursts. The village doctor William Griggs claimed that the girls were bewitched. This led to the girls accusing Tituba Samuel Paris’s slave and three other townspeople as being witches. This led to the beginning of the Salem Witch Trials in which more and more community members were accused. Nineteen people were hung and two dogs were killed. Giles Corey was pressed to death with stones upon refusing to testify. Most people were accused of using spectral evidence which is evidence-based on dreams or visions. The trials were put to an end when Governor Phips own wife was accused and he made spectral evidence illegal. Ushistory com Wallenfeldt The Salem Witch Trial had many effects. First, the colony had neglected their crops and homes and suffered from scarce food and higher taxes. Also the law required that you had to pay for your board and food before leaving the prison. Many people were stuck in the prisons since they could not afford to pay for their release. Sutter Additionally on January 14, 1692, a fast day with prayers was declared in Salem over the great tragedy. Many people publicly confessed their guiltiness such as Judge Samuel Sewall. It was only in the year 1957 that the state of Massachusetts properly made an apology. However, the lasting legacy of the trial still lives on Wallenfeldt.

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