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Each teacher was assured about the issues of Anonymity

Before the start of each interview each teacher was assured about the issues of anonymity and confidentiality The researcher confirmed that they would not be identified in names and the information from them would be kept confidential during and after the interview For this codes were used as T1 T2 T3 and T4 instead of their names and they were informed of this and the code given to each interviewee Thus T1 T2 T3 and T4 refer to the first the second the third and the fourth teacher interviewed respectively The same was true for teachers in the group interview that random codes were given as T1 T2 and T3 Because using audio recording requires permission from teachers before the start of each interview each teacher was again requested for permission whether or not to use audio recording Fortunately all were willing for this Thus the questions and responses of interviews were recorded using audio recorder This was done so from the view that taking notes may have problems with the quality of the data and the activity itself may distract the researcher s and respondents attentions McDonough McDonough 1997 whereas audio recording is useful to maintain accuracy of information have objective analysis at later time and preserve respondents emotions and tone of voice Best Kahn 2006 In each interview the researcher attempted to guide stimulate and facilitate the discussion through probing seeking for further clarifications 

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Wastewater is any water that adversely affects the quality of human Health

INTRODUCTION 1 Waste water Wastewater is any water that adversely affects the quality of human health Wastewater is a liquid source of waste from homes commercial properties and industry or agriculture often containing some pollutants from mixing water of different sources Wastewater is often classified as industrial or domestic wastewater In waste water it contains a lot of harmful pollutants liked lead manganese cadmium zinc and so on As known these pollutants are very dangerous when humans or other species consumed or even when exposed to it These will affect human health and kill aquatic organisms Many serious health effects including mutations cancer organ damage and death are caused by violet dye in large quantities Pollution and human health problems will continue to occur without effective actions 2 Waste water treatment Wastewater is a major cause of water pollution Thus wastewater treatment is a very important process to overcome water pollution To remove pollutants adsorption processes are carried out before discharging waste water out to river by many industries This is an effective way to remove contaminants from industrial wastewater

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