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Abstract In off grid-connected solar PV system

Abstract In off grid connected solar PV system available rooftop area on buildings is used for setting up solar power PV plant and DC power generated from solar photovoltaic SPV cells is converted to AC power by solar off grid inverter and is fed to the load during day time and meanwhile charges the battery through charge controller A 250W photovoltaic off grid power plant with the site receiving a good average solar radiation of 1762 kW h m2 year is proposed at Hyderabad In this study the solar PV plant performance and simulation analysis is formulated The various types of power losses are calculated using PVsyst software Simulation analysis of 250W solar power plant is carried out using PVSyst and simulation results of energy output of PV panel energy supplied to the user energy need of the user and unused energy are presented Keywords Electricity solar photovoltaic panel solar energy latitude Electric utility 1 INTRODUCTION Solar energy is a clean pollution free renewable source of energy Telangana state in India being located between 15 54 and 19 37 North latitude and the geographical location favors the harvesting and development of solar energy The yearly average solar radiation on horizontal surface of Hyderabad city Telangana state is 4 9 KWh m2 day at latitude of 17 5658 0N and longitude of 78 4512 0E 6 Most of cities and villages are facing severe electricity shortages 8 In order to meet the demand the existing roof space of buildings is utilized to promote off grid rooftop solar PV systems 9 2 TYPES OF SOLAR POWER PLANTS 

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