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Somewhere there is a dog that got put Down

Somewhere there is a dog that got put down because it was sick hit by a car chasing after its favorite go fetch toy a dog that passed away because of old age There is a phrase that says a dog is a man's best friend What if instead of being our best friend they are an ugly science experiment Product companies science labs and medical labs are testing and performing experiments on animals These tests and experiments lead to either severe problems or conditions or death Over 100 million animals die in labs for numerous reasons Some of these tests and experiments don t even benefit researchers animals or people as a whole Doing research on products and purchasing products that don't test on animals is a big contribution it's as simple as going on google and searching cruelty free product companies and brands The way I see it doing this lets the company know that they are doing something wrong because their sales will drop and they wouldn't be earning enough money If you re someone who likes makeup and you find out that the brand of makeup you buy tests their products on animals and you stop buying it that's less money in the pocket of people who are cruel to animals 

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