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Sawyer decided to be a vegetarian he did this because he was told it would add more years to your life so Sawyer went his whole life being a vegetarian Then around the age of 90 sawyers friends that were meat eaters begin to die but sawyer thought he had a few more years then them because he was a vegetarian but no he actually only lived 2 more months than them He wasted so many opportunities just to be vegetarian and it did nothing for him This story has happened many times over and it is still happening Let me give you a few reasons why being a vegetarian is the wrong choice For starters being a vegetarian makes it difficult to get the nutrients you would usually get from meat Vegetarians think that by eating no meat it is a better diet and is more healthy for you but without the calories and nutrients that you get from meat you can get something that is called vitamin deficiency For example in the article 7 Nutrients that you can get from Plant Foods it says Carnosine is an antioxidant that is concentrated in the muscles and brain It is very important for muscle function and high levels of carnosine in muscles are linked with reduced muscle fatigue and improved performance 

Lets take for example a middle schooler that decided to be a vegetarian without proper amounts of this one nutrient this student would having trouble focusing in class because the muscles in there brain are beginning to grow weak then they would start randomly getting sore or having limbs fall asleep because their muscles might be lacking the necessary nutrients This is just one of the many things that happen without meat Does being a vegetarian sound that great now Furthermore if you re being a vegetarian just for your love of animals and you don't want them to be killed then you are wasting your time and your health because if you don't eat the meat that is on the shelf at the grocery store then someone else will Some may think that it is inhuman how animals are killed to get food but on the contrary this is not true In the

Proceedings of the Annual Conference of American Association of Bovine Practitioners it says US slaughterhouses must conform to the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act HMSA which mandates that livestock be stunned unconscious before slaughter To add to that it is not like we are purposely trying to wipe out the entire cow species just so we can have meat we are making sure there is always a good amount of cows so that they don t go extinct Besides it is not like we are giving the animals a terrible life before they die they are well fed and well groomed and taken care of the way we treat animals is not inhuman it is purposeful Finally if we just let the animals live and repopulate without being checked and managed then they would outgrow themselves and they would run out of a food source and then they would all die Now when someone says that it's cruel to eat meat you know what really is true and what's not Finally vegetarian diets don't exactly prevent the death of animals 

When getting the harvest of vegetables and grains for vegetarians to eat the plows that run across farmland kill animals in the process In fact being a vegetarian also does not help pollution the trucks and tractors and the boats used to bring you your precious plants are contributing to pollution just so you know To add to that in the article Vegetarian And Healthy Diets May Actually Be Worse For The Environment Study Finds it talks about how no that people are eating the more healthy foods this makes energy use increase water use increase and GHG emissions increase So by eating like a vegetarian you are increasing pollution and making other resources be unnecessarily used just say you can eat your vegetable Back to what I was saying earlier whenever there is any sort of harvest for the vegetables that

vegetarians eat those plows run over animals ranging from small mice to rabbits and birds the plows kill more than half of the animals living in that field this is even more inhuman than killing animals to eat because the animals killed in the harvest were killed for absolutely no reason and there death helped no one Well except that that it helped vegetarians get their vegetables because that's all that matters right So being a vegetarian does not even save animals Some may say that being a vegetarian you get all the nutrients you need you just have to eat more However this is untrue there are many nutrients you don t get from eating no meat but one thing you have to eat twice as much to get is iron because if you don't eat twice as much to get iron that can get you iron defficonsy and that can be very bad for you In conclusion being a vegetarian is not the choice to make if you want to go on a diet So do yourself a favor and next time someone tells you should be a vegetarian say no because as you know being a vegetarian is not good for you or the environment

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