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The two agents of Socialization that have influenced Me

The two agents of Socialization that have influenced me and shaped me as a person the most are family and school I believe family is the first and main group of people that have the most influence on anyone I think family sets core values and teaches us the main lessons about life The family is the group of people who leave us most important and valuable memories in life that we carry with us throughout life I think family shares knowledge and passes on different aspects of life influencing us mentally as well as physically For example I have been with my family my whole life and we have been through a lot I have grown up and been exposed to multiple rules of how to behave in certain situations to the certain people as well as introduced to beliefs the routines and expectations my family represented They have also taught me numerous things about manners such as the importance of being polite appreciation compassion and many old sayings such as sharing is caring The situation I would use as an example of their influence would be when I was 5 6 years old and have found 5 bill on the sidewalk My first intuition was to take the money for myself but instead my mama corrected me and told me not to take something that is not mine 

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