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Why marijuana is still illegal?

When it comes to the war on drugs the biggest target seems to be marijuana Many people would ask why marijuana is still illegal when tobacco and alcohol two dangerous drugs are still legal Marijuana is illegal because the government has too much invested in the fight Basically the government can not stop now Americans must look at the bigger picture and see that marijuana has more potential than creating a stereotypical long haired hippy stoner There are many benefits that come from the legalization of marijuana such as economic benefits medicinal benefits and industrial benefits The U S government spends an average of 30 Billion dollars each year on the prohibition of marijuana and that number continues to rise each year www drugsense org Legal marijuana tax revenue hit 226 157 028 in Colorado last year according to the states government website and marijuana sales hit 1 259 861 988 www colorado gov If marijuana were to be legalized in all 50 states and each state had the same numbers as Colorado we would see around a 11 3 billion dollar yearly tax profit and a total of around 63 billion profit in taxes and sale combined 

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