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The cataclysmic event that was the Catholic Reformation

The cataclysmic event that was the Catholic Reformation is reflected in many works of art from that time One of these illustrations of such works is Hans Holbein s German 1497 1543 The Ambassadors This painting showcases the tension of the Reformation while simultaneously as only art can do places conflicting ideas in harmony into a beautifully composed painting Through analysis of the formal elements visible in the work coupled with background research and historical context this paper will explore several important historical events and issues On the left is Jean de Diventelle a French ambassador living in England and on the right Georges de Selve his friend and also an ambassador This painting was produced in 1533 when King Henry VIII is about to break away from the pope in Rome from the Catholic Church And the French ambassador was in England to watch over on Henry VIII during this tumultuous period Within the painting there are countless references to the turmoil that is occurring in England during this time Jean de Diventelle is exhibited as a wealthy and successful man with his clothing illustrated in great detail a fur lined cloak and velvet and satin attire He holds a dagger where his age is inscribed which was 25 and it's easy to see that Holbein described his clothing with a sense of clarity and detail Georges de Selve is dressed more modestly in a fur cloak who has his elbow resting on a book

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