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Hunter Yu January 15 2018 Honors Gov Chapter 2 Defending the declaration by Gary Amos The search for the genuine foundations of American law should begin with the question Is the law of God at its highest or are it possible to get answers from the people and the state to these two questions The first answer is that the existence of God including his laws related to the creation of the state government and the constitution and his laws are supreme correct and absolute The second answer is whether God exists or his law does not exist the laws of man and country are supreme correct and absolute at least until they change Recognition of the requirements of a law whether it be human or divine requires people to judge what the rules of law are and what it commands It requires people to understand the sources and foundations of the law The essay explores the origins and foundations of American law The summary of this essay is that America s basic equality and rights and its legal principles behind the government are agreed upon and that the original Declaration of Independence the universal title of God and the nature of the United States Constitution were proclaimed in accordance with the essence of the Constitution As a result of this research and the research I hope that the basic outline of the law of creation will be revealed such as the discovery of expression in the legal and constitutional context of the United States 

The appearance of such an outline would generally lead law and constitutional students to think God's law for the purpose of reviving the real foundations of the American law and government As expected the Bible quite clearly describes the subject of God and his laws superiority It indicates that there is no God except the Lord God God is the God of creation and he is the creator of everything that is visible and invisible God moved his law when he created it and he accordingly managed the running of the law God gave him his law so that people could find God and know what he needed from all men Of course God's law is right perfect and eternal They apply all over the world and are written as creators of everything created by God These rules apply to everyone and when God is the creator of all men women and children he is written in each man God also repeated the basic elements of his rules for right and wrong in the Bible The meaning of this situation is simple And because he created everything he has the right to govern everything according to God's law He rules the country according to the law His laws govern whether a country believes in God or not This does not mean that countries are perfect nor does it mean that non gentlemanly people can not rule That is not to say that God will judge those who violate the law as we set out But that doesn't mean that corrupt governments will be allowed to govern forever God judges fairly in this land and punishes lawless leaders and nations Countries that forget God may be totally destroyed 

However countries who respect God and want to obey his law can expect him to be cared for and protected The Declaration of Independence is a document that originates from the laws of God Perhaps the best place to start understanding how this declaration is utilized is to understand how planners understand its principles and apply them to the creation and formation of civil society If we can understand how they accepted the principles of the manifesto and applied it to the constitution we will apply it to other legal challenges that our constitutional government may face The first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence sets stage for inevitable dependency on the American Revolution and God's law the founder of the Declaration of Independence It is declared as follows In human conduct a people need to break up their interconnected political bands and create the separation and equal status they give to the laws of God and the laws of nature among the forces of the world By calling out the laws of nature and the gods of nature the 56 nominees of the Declaration incorporated the legal criteria of liberty into the forms of government to follow The theory of liberty was simply that the laws of God were supreme and free

The words the laws of nature and the gods of nature were made for the control of the universe by the gods of men states and nature These laws are described in various ways either as the Creation Method the Creation of God or the law of the planners selected to refer to them as the Law of Nature and the Law of the Gods of Nature An institution called the law can be confirmed by people through tests of God's creations the words of the Bible and some sort of instinct or reason The decision to clearly depend on God's law of creation was not superficial it was fully debated several years before the draft of the manifesto was created Thomas Jefferson for example was reflected in the Declaration of Independence in 1825 was the essential meaning of the declaration as he thought of a common sense problem that man had never said before They presented the principles of expression of the law in their declarations The American Revolution was a context in which the principles of the manifesto were ignored and expressed for the whole world to hear and think anew

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