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INTRODUCTION Seafaring is a profession where in all seafarers engaged to live and work on the ship It is not an easy profession for one has to obey endure and make sacrifices just to reach your personal goals since this course need psychological and physical strength that will bring you to the successfulness To be in this kind of profession the person's mindset should be ready to face any dangers and trials It is pointed out that seafaring shaped the life of mariner s merchants and the entire community According to Yui yip 2015 the maritime industry serves as an illustrative example especially after its transformation from a largely unskilled labor to a capital intensive industry and contributed to the presence of tertiary education in maritime studies Grammenos 2002 Heaver 2002 Levinson 2006 Stopford 2009 Many governments formulate policies to train up officers on sea going vessels and shipping firms ashore through maritime education Mitropoulos the secretary general of the International Maritime Organization IMO believed that an extensive international education and training would be essential to continually upgrade knowledge and skills throughout one's working life2 

In the early years maritime education mainly focused on vocational training of deck and electronic officers on board sea going vessels as their knowledge skills and willingness could contribute to the reliability and efficiency of shipping operations Gardner et al 2007 Harlaftis and Theotokas 2004 Theotokas 2007 However factors such as economic growth the rise in multimodal supply chains technological revolution and sophisticated maritime business models have called for the need to redesign the curriculum of maritime education with an objective to appeal to the younger generation There is also a need for maritime programs to adopt a wider strategic view as opposed to a narrow operational view Mangan et al 2001 The researchers understand maritime education is an interdisciplinary academic field that embraces ship management humankind s critical monolithic skills and knowledge for being management trainees in companies and deck cadets on board To meet the ever rising national and international standards within the maritime industry such as Port State Control PSC and the International Ship and Port Facility Security ISPS Code maritime education should enhance and explain integration between human activities and the condition of the maritime environments Fu et al 2010 Lewarn 2002 Zhu 2006 Since this was the given title the fieldworkers are doing the best they could to discuss and analyze the gap analysis in the transition period of STCW 1978 as amended 

This study is all about Electro Technical Officer ETO and Electro Technical Rating ETR One major factor driving the demand for marine engineers is the Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping STCW 2010 Manila Amendments according to Margaret Reasoner director of marine personnel for Crowley Maritime The major change is the addition of an able seafarer engine rating separate from the rating as part of an engineering watch which will require testing and training In addition a new electro technical officer ETO and an electro technical rating ETR will be added Engine room resource management teamwork and leadership training will be mandatory at both the operational and management levels The Electrician needs to who are entitled Electro Technical Officer ETO or Electro Technical Ratings ETR need to comply with STCW The Manila Amendments added new ETO and ETR endorsements to STCW and require officers serving as ETO or Electrical Engineer to hold ETO certifications ETRs are also required to hold an ETR qualification Only those personnel who are part of the maritime crew on board an offshore installation and serving as ETO or Electrical Engineer are required to provide documentary evidence that he she is qualified as an ETO or ETR if that is the capacity in which they serve MI 118 2 1 19 and 2 1 20 STCW Regulations III 6 and III 7 The Electro Technical Rating ETR is a rating assisting the Chief Engineer or ETO in performing electrical duties like most jobs at sea the salary of an ETO greatly varies with the experience you own the kind of responsibilities you handle and the rank that you work on 

However even with so many variables ETO remains a highly paying job among all careers at sea As an ETO you can expect a salary of 3 000 to 5 400 per month Those working on bigger cruise ships can expect even up to 10 000 per month depending on the size of the cruise ship and the duties handled but before that obtaining the Certificate of Competency CoC for Electro Technical Officer ETO needs to serve as Electrical Officers for at least 12 months within the preceding 5 years can qualify for CoC as ETO upon attending bridging courses the Electro Technical Rating ETR is a rating assisting the Chief Engineer or ETO in performing electrical duties while Electro Technical Rating ETR position is almost similar but you need to serve as an ETR for 12 months in the preceding 5 years to qualify as ETR upon attending bridging courses to comply with STCW requirements the Electro Technical Rating ETR are known as Electricians from 1 Jan 2017 such ratings should hold a certificate of proficiency as ETR issued under STCW Regulation III 7 It is not necessary to apply for flag state COE for ratings with certificate of proficiency as ETR Their duties and responsibilities are Electro technical Officer onboard are monitoring the operation of electrical electronics and control system at the operational level maintain and repair at the operational level control the operation of the ship and care for persons onboard at the operational level while the Electro technical Rating are the ones who monitor the operation of electrical electronics and control engineering at the support level maintain and repair at the support level control the operation of the ship and care for persons onboard at the support level

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