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Pollution is known as addition of any harmful substances or in the form of Energy

Pollution is known as addition of any harmful substances or in the form of energy into the environment which causes some changes and brings negative effects to the environment The substances that can cause pollution is known as pollutants Generally there are many types of pollution that is air pollution water pollution noise pollution and thermal pollution 5 2 Air Pollution Air pollution is the released of high concentration of harmful gaseous or particles into the air which may harm the environment and also the living organisms Air Pollution Index API is used to measure the quality of air based on the concentration of air pollutants in the atmosphere 5 2 1 Air Pollutants There are various types of air pollutants that can trigger air pollution These include sulphur dioxide which will be absorbed by the respiratory tract easily causing breathing difficulty and trigger asthma Nitrogen dioxide will also causes breathing problems by increasing the chances of respiratory diseases such as bronchitis Next carbon monoxide is a harmful substance which will compete with oxygen to bind with haemoglobin Consequently the amount of oxygen that will be able to transport to the body cells will be greatly reduced Heavy metals such as lead and mercury will retard the mental ability and damage the liver and also kidney Small particles such as dust smoke or soot are also types of air pollutants 

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