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Direct democracy ensures the representation of the Citizens

Direct democracy ensures the representation of the citizens in all governmental matters This is a very effective type of the government where people can bring about all their worries on governmental level and get them solved through voting Direct democracy is opposite to representative democracy It provides a sort of political ballot to the public where they can put forward their all issues thus providing them with the opportunity to set an agenda and also to vote on the outcome There are 3 distinct types of voting in this system which are referendums citizen initiatives and recalls This system of governing gives more power to the voters rather than the elected people People against this system thinks that not the whole public have a sense of making policies They are not fully aware of the rules and regulations involved But here those people should understand that full fledge knowledge is generally not required in policy making Reliance can be made on some shortcuts or the cues and a perfect decision can be made according to that If the decision still goes wrong then for sure it won't be worse than that made by the so called representative who works only for his own benefit If we suppose that citizens don't know much about law formulation and etc then direct democracy motivates them to get aware of the daily affairs national and international relations etc so that they can make and implement the right policies

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