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Seven Brief Lessons on Physics is a brief book written by Carlo Rovelli who is an Italian physicist The book was first published in 2014 in Italian language and later translated into other languages In seven short and accessible lessons Carlo Rovelli s book summarizes the revelations of conventional physics from the theory of relativity invented by Einstein to quantum mechanics In his brief book the Italian physicist takes us through a journey of what he believes are the main lessons or ideas in physics Overall Rovelli s seven lessons discuss Einstein's theory of relativity elementary articles the design of the cosmos quantum gravity and looks into how human beings fit into this context The ideas presented in Seven Brief Lessons on Physics can significantly further readers understanding of the material world in which we live while also expanding the readers consciousness and linking them to their origins and future Carlo Rovelli s book informs readers about the beauty of physics He uses the book to show the vast achievement of human beings in creating a deep and comprehensive understanding of the world or universe where humans live 

According to the author human beings can deeply penetrate into nature arguing that there is no single area that humans cannot explain to some degree Rovelli 7 To achieve this the author provides us with a wonderful introduction into the huge degree of human imagination and intellect that increases on a daily basis Carlo Rovelli creates the deepest understandings of the most important topics in physics For instance some of the key topics that the reader gets to understand better include the definition of space and the questions as to whether there is time What is more the Italian physicist reminds readers that humans are impossibly minor elements in the universe adding that humans are on their way to become agents of their own demise Additionally Carlo Rovelli talks about human existence as well as their view of physical reality In his view there is a certain way in which matter behaves in space time controlled by a set of physics laws Rovelli 22 He argues that thermodynamics Newtonian physics quantum physics and relativistic physics somehow link to each other to establish the nature of reality Through his book readers learn the controversial reality that where there is matter space curves implying that the gravitational field does not diffuse through space but is space in itself We also get the idea that motion produces space that cannot stand still but continuously expands Importantly the author contends that the only way matter can be real is through interacting with another thing Rovelli 32 In light of this the author believes that the world is more about interactive relationships and less about objects In other words according to Carlo Rovelli human concepts about the world just like the world itself are relational In Seven Brief Lessons on Physics Carlo Rovelli talks about the scientific value of humility arguing that Albert Einstein started an early route in an important paper about the quantization of light with humility Rovelli 47 In his view while myths enrich sciences science equally enriches myths However he is keen to note that the value of knowledge remains 

Therefore his work respectfully indicates that any person who has no interest in modern physics can never be a completely serious person Admittedly I believe that creating basic concepts to understand the nature of reality is not an easy task for theoretical physicists However Carlo Rovelli has succeeded in providing clear descriptions in an attempt to create some interest among his audience The book also derives its strength from the fact that there is neither heavy discussion nor math in the explanation of relativity and quantum physics What is more the author does not include string physics in his discussion In such a way he manages to give the general readers an opportunity to learn modern physics On the other hand the greatest weakness of the book is that it only covers seven topics including particle physics relativity black holes and quantum physics additionally while the author is the creator of loo quantum gravity that states that space is not continuous and rather is composed of grains that are tinier than electrons connected to each other to create a network he fails to discuss this concept in detail Despite this weakness however Rovelli rightly clarifies the boundaries of learning stating that our knowledge of the universe grows on a daily basis Overall authored by an Italian physicist Seven Brief Lessons on Physics presents a review of revelations of conventional physics Generally the book communicates a simple reality that physics is beautiful and inspiring Throughout the book the author remains reliable and consistent in his view that the universe is a process adding that human beings are collectively and individually electro chemical and mechanical compositions without any component or aspect of metaphysics I wholeheartedly recommend the book to any individual who is interested in modern physics and particularly those lacking scientific or technical background

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