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DWT Towards Appearance Enhancement of Underwater Images

DWT Towards Appearance Enhancement of Underwater Images Abstract Processing of underwater images has received a great attention among the researchers in recent years In oceanic environment capturing a clear underwater image is having a crucial importance Absorption and scattering are the major degrading factors for underwater images The qualities of underwater images are affected by color cast poor visibility and foggy appearance and misty In order to overcome those limitations an underwater image enhancement technique built on a DWT method is proposed The aim of the proposed algorithm is to improve the quality of underwater images In this paper 100 different images are used to perform the comparison of the proposed technique with the previous techniques Performance of the proposed method of DWT is evaluated using the Structural Similarity Index SSIM Entropy and Absolute Mean Brightness Error AMBE Performance measurement of the Wavelet techniques produces better enhancement results than previous techniques like Histogram Equalization HE and Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram 

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