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Should women have the right to Abort a human being in their womb or not have that right I believe in pro life and the belief that a child is a precious thing that women should learn to understand Some might not agree with my opinion but everyone is entitled to what they wish If a person can t take care of a child there is always other options then to kill an innocent being even if its a fetus but that fetus will grow into a baby When getting an abortion it can be a risk towards the person like medical and emotional complications Abortion is never the best option out there the number of abortions performed is 926 200 and that was just in the United states in 2014 what can we expect in 10 years Some people believe that abortion is the best option when it comes to not being prepared to take care of another human being but in reality it shouldn t be an option There are many programs that can help out a young mother and there is always adoption but abortion should not be the number one resource Some government programs that can help out a women when they feel that they are not prepared are WIC TANF SNAP and many more so a woman is never left wondering in her own Financial Help for Pregnant Women by Dominique W Brooks These programs are made so people don t have to do the wrong choice and later on regret it There is help out there you just have to find it Another option is an adoption center where a child is put on adoption and is taken care of until a family comes and takes them in In adoption centers if the mother doesn t want to know about the child in the future they are given forms to fill out If there child so chooses to find them in the future An abortion can cause many risks towards the person like medical and emotional complications Some examples are Pelvic Infection Incomplete abortion risks Puncture Tear of the wall of the uterus 

The study published in the Journal of Maternal Fetal and Neonatal Medicine also found that women who had a previous abortion more commonly needed fertility treatments and were more likely to develop diabetes during pregnancy researchers have also analyzing 15 000 deliveries have concluded that abortion creates a 30 percent greater likelihood of future pregnancy complications one study also found that women who had a previous abortion more commonly needed fertility treatments and were more likely to develop diabetes during pregnancy Study One abortion increases risks in future pregnancies by Fr Mark Hodges An abortion can also be very expensive the average amount cost for a medical abortion is 483 Document A Abortion Procedures Abortions are too expensive to risk having a medical problem sometime in the future is it really worth it Abortion is not the only option out there the number of people who abort each year has highly increase up until 2014 The number of abortion have started since the 1973 ever since then the number of abortions in the United States increased gradually from 1973 then peaked in 1990 and has been on the decline since then 

A new study finds nearly half of all 55 7 million estimated abortions around the world each year between 2010 and 2014 were performed in an unsafe manner putting women at risk for serious complications they found that a total of among those abortions about 25 1 million were performed in unsafe circumstances each year with about 17 1 million being less safe and 8 million being least safe the researchers found Nearly half of all abortions each year worldwide are unsafe study says By Jacqueline Howard CNN The number of abortion shouldn t be this high it is unsafe there are many consequence that a woman would have to face in the future Women could die from unsafe abortion and numerous others suffer grave injuries that aborting can cause to the body In conclusion Abortion can bring many risk and danger to the body not just physical but also mental Abortion has its consequences even though some people may think otherwise it can cause many infections tears in the uterus and many more Instead of doing this damage why not give up the baby for adoption there many couples who would love to take in a child There are also many government programs to help out a young mother there not alone on if that what they feel that they have to abort and hurt an innocent child that doesnt have the cause of any of the things going around I believe that even if it s a small life we are talking about it should still be protected and respected

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