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Since Gun laws have been around since 1791 shouldn't it be obvious to americans that these strict gun laws that are still in effect today don't help reduce gun violence Mass shootings are rapidly increasing from 1998 in Springfield Oregon where four people were killed and 25 were injured to 2017 on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada where fifty eight people were killed and 527 were injured HISTORY Gun control dates all the way back to 1791 when the second amendment was first ratified and There has been a total of forty different laws that have been passed in the effort to reduce gun violence in the United States Gun Laws 1837 the first gun law was passed in Georgia banning the possession of handguns Unfortunately this law is ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and is thrown out Before the civil war ended several southern states adopt black codes which is a really racist law that forbids black americans from possessing firearms The National Rifle Association organized in 1871 with the primary goal of improving American civilians marksmanship in preparation for the war has been very successful in its goal to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States especially with reference to the inalienable right of the individual American citizen guaranteed by such Constitution to acquire possess collect exhibit transport carry transfer ownership of and enjoy the right to use arms This association has supported two major gun control acts such as the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Gun Control Act of 1968 In 1927 the United States Congress reacts to the mobs violence of prohibition with the first federal gun restriction ever This law banned the mail order sale of handguns or any other concealable firearm on the pro side of this law it made it harder for criminals to get their hands on easily concealable weapons such as handguns The national firearm act of 1934 is passed Shortly after the mail order sale of handguns is prohibited which regulates the sale and possession of fully automatic weapons

The Federal Firearms Act of 1938 placed specific laws in the selling of ordinary firearms requiring gun dealers to obtain a Federal Firearm License made the sale of guns to people who were convicted of violent felonies illegal This law is good because people who have a record of committing violent felonies have no right to own a firearm In 1968 there were lots of problems with keeping firearms out of the hands of those not legally allowed to possess them because of age or criminal background To help prevent this the Gun Control Act of 1968 was passed This Act regulates the gun dealers record keeping requirements and has specific rules on handguns and The list of people banned from buying guns is expanded to include people convicted of any non business related felony people found to be mentally incompetent and users of illegal drugs such as Marijuana Heroin and LSD The ATF was created in 1972 to control the illegal use and sale of firearms and to enforce firearm laws which has benefited the united states in preventing the illegal sale of guns to criminals The Armed Career Criminal Act was passed in 1986 which increased penalties for the possession of firearms by those who are not legally qualified to own them under the Gun Control Act of 1986 On Tuesday morning January 17 1989 an anonymous person phoned the Stockton Police Department regarding a death threat against Cleveland Elementary School At noon that day Patrick Purdy began his attack by firing a semi automatic rifle from behind a portable building Purdy fired 106 rounds in three minutes killing five children and wounding thirty others including one teacher In response to this horrific massacre California bans the possession of semiautomatic assault weapons

Gun free school zones are established shortly after semi automatic weapons are banned in california In the aftermath of the horrific Las Vegas shooting that just happened in October of this year where fifty nine people were killed and more than 500 were wounded lawmakers have called for laws specifically banning bump stocks A bump stock gives a semi automatic weapon the ability to be fired at a fully automatic pace Others have also called for renewal of the assault weapons ban in the belief that it will stop criminals from purchasing assault weapons Less than a week after the Las Vegas shooting U S Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced the Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act that would ban the sale and possession of bump stocks and other devices that essentially allows semiautomatic weapons to be fired in a fully automatic mode With that being said how hard it is for a criminal or law abiding citizen to get their hands on an assault rifle as of today A civilian can legally purchase an 80 polymer lower online for the small price of seventy five dollars and then drill out a spot for the trigger assembly at home with a drill press After the lower is drilled out the civilian has to purchase an upper which is the top half of the rifle and only costs 300 With a fully built homemade assault weapon there is no serial numbers on it because the lower was milled out by its owner in other words it is unregistered therefore it can easily be sold to someone under the radar without them having to go through a background check however there are laws that are in place that makes selling home built assault rifles illegal but I am not sure how strictly they are enforced As gun laws continue to become more popular and strict americans continue to die meaning that people will continue to kill each other the question is how many deaths will it take before a decision is made to take away all guns or gift everyone guns so they have the ability to defend themselves

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