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Smells Like a Bad Song The song Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana in my opinion is a horrible song This song successful at a time were grunge was still very new and not widely popularized Punk rock artists were leading a rebellion against the rock of the 70s which led music to transcend but also led to bad trends in music Later in the 1990s Nirvana kept leading the rebellion in hopes of pushing rock out of the rut it was in Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana is a horrible song because it tried elevating the use of no melody in music consists of the same droopy melody with no driving element in the song repeated and the song bleeds bad vibes through the lyrics Kurt Cobain sings Smells Like Teen Spirit is by far Nirvana's most popular song and blew up in the middle of the pivot between classic rock and punk rock It also paved the way for a subgenre of punk rock called grunge a subgenre where Nirvana's music was mainly categorized under Nirvana showed to the masses that punk rock can be mainstream and in many ways proved that new trends can overtake classic forms of music Although this song brought grunge to the radio and was big for Nirvana I believe the song itself is overrated I respect that Nirvana tried to push the boundaries of music and I also acknowledge that experimentation has to happen in order for music to evolve but they were elevating music with no melody which led to a bad trend in music at the time Musicians found comfort in simplified and stripped down production accompanied with repetitive verses that weren't very special or unique at all Although I also personally believe that Nirvana can be very melodic and complex in their music that is not the case in this song 

The song itself is a really simple song that kind of just ends up repeating itself for 5 minutes The lyrics consist of 3 unique verses but the rest of the song is basically the same pre chorus and chorus copied and pasted To make matters worse Kurt Cobain s singing on this song sounds like a rabid dog in heat clashing on top of an already bad and repetitive melody For me the melody of a song is very important because it makes the song memorable and enjoyable A song with a memorable melody should be able to slip into one s head and be able to be repeated in their mind like a broken record endlessly until a great new song takes that spot If the melody is not a strong statement in a song it makes the song really boring to sit through No driving element and a lack of melody along with gross and aggressive singing is one of the main reasons why I hate this song but definitely not the main reason When I hear the opening line say Load up on guns Nirvana I get an instant reminder of how Cobain committed suicide with a shotgun which is definitely not the happiest thing think about I also think about his horrible relationship with his wife when he sings She s overboard self assured and how that eventually led to his death He also is self deprecating in the song when he repeats I feel stupid and contagious and talks about and acknowledges his drug abuse And I forget just why I taste Oh yeah I guess it makes me smile 

And if that isn t enough to make you feel sad I can't help but feel sympathy for his daughter that was surely greatly affected by her father s death every time I listen to this song Smells Like Teen Spirit is a horrible piece of music because it tried to promote music with no melody to the mainstream is boring and repetitive and the lyrics are depressing and dwells on the sad elements of the singer s life This song proved that not very much effort in production melody or lyrics had to go into music for it to be widely accepted The track itself is repetitive and not very unique while the lyrics are depressing and reminds me of all of the sad parts of Kurt Cobain's life In many ways I feel that this song is encouraging artists to not polish their music and in someway lose the excitement of creating something unique I also strongly feel that this song paints a picture of Cobain's conflicting life story and spreads a sad image and feeling to his audience For me music is an escape and should not dive too deep into the sad parts of life but show a positive outlook on the struggles we have to overcome as humans Music has a strong effect on the listener and can grab them by the ears and fill them with hope and a voice of reason and can very well leave them with a smile on their face

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