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Magna Cum Laude My academic background and professional Experience

Growing up in a very humble background in a small Ugandan village I have always believed that the answer to my purpose lies in creating the results that I desire To tread upon the hallowed grounds of a successful and fruitful career I must determine the shape that my actions will take and trust in their finality I hold a bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy having graduated Magna Cum Laude My academic background and professional experience have given me a very broad outlook and will help me bring a variety of perspectives to public policy debates while pursuing the Master of Public Policy at the Hertie school of governance Berlin Applying my skills and experience in scholarly analysis of policy and governance questions the exposure the network and the expertise that comes with this prospect are such a horizon I am looking forward to with anticipation To be an agent of change in Uganda and the entire African community I need the skills to challenge standard approaches and find ways to maneuver around old practices and policies To be in a position to challenge even the rules that seem carved in stone for better policies to develop the economically sidelined African communities As a Senior Loans officer in an International Micro Finance Organization Vision Fund International Uganda I integrated with people on peripherals of society improving livelihoods through loaning small amounts of money to people living in poverty to build or expand a small business 

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The Object-Oriented Programming OOP approach

The Object Oriented Programming OOP approach is most commonly used approach nowadays OOP is being used for designing large and complex applications Before OOP other programming approaches existed but had drawbacks These programming approaches have been passing through revolutionary phases as technology advances Initially for designing small and simple programs the machine language was used Next came the Assembly Language which was used for designing larger programs In 1960s came the Procedural Programming Approach which enabled us to write larger and hundred lines of code Then in 1970 a new programming approach called Structured Programming Approach was developed for designing medium sized programs In 1980 s the size of programs kept increasing so a new approach known as OOP was invented The OOP approach came into existence to remove the drawback of conventional approaches The basic principle of the OOP approach is to combine both data and functions so that both can operate into a single unit called object Object Oriented Programming is a concept that was created to overcome the problems that were found with using structured programming techniques While structured programming uses an approach which is top down OOP uses an approach which is bottom up

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