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The Moon is Earth's only Satellite

Introduction The Moon is Earth's only satellite The Moon is in orbit around the Earth which orbits around the sun Other planets like Jupiter have multiple satellites orbiting around it however Earth only has one So how did the Moon end up orbiting Earth How was the moon even created There are many theories but the 5 main ones include the capture fission co formation colliding planetesimals and giant impact Capture Capture is a theory that implies the moon was created elsewhere possibly around another planet and got captured in the Earth's orbit Many other moons were created this way Mars moons are both asteroids created somewhere else in space and later caught in orbit There are multiple holes in this theory considering it does not tell where the moon originated only how it came into orbit with Earth It also is unlikely considering how similar the makeup of Earth and its Moon are This similarity suggests both were made in the same place with the same materials Wall Fission

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