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English 4 10 January 2018 Adoption Some people dream of having kids and either they don't want any of their own or they aren't capable of having kids That is when adoption can take place There are so many advantages for adoption but a lot of work comes with it You have to know the definition of adoption how to adopt and the requirements for adoption Adoption is a legally lifelong relationship between the birth parents and the adults adopting the child or children There are two different types of adoptions International adoptions are where a couple adopts an orphan from another country but if it is wished upon can adopt from foster care The other type of adoption is Domestic infant adoption This adoption is when a person or couple adopts a baby in the U S for either one reason or various reasons Some reasons including not having to do overseas paperwork having a child born in the same country you were and possibly knowing the birth parents Adoption is not only a great thing for the adults adopting the child but also for the birth parents Some people look at parents that put their child up for adoption as a bad thing Some people have a reason they are doing it Maybe they aren't financially stable or they know the child will grow up in a bad environment and they want the best for their child There is a person everyday looking for a child to adopt and treat like their own

Adopting isn't easy You have to find out where you want to adopt which adoption you want to do and how you are going to prepare for the adoption Not only is a lot of thought put into where you want the child to be from and which kind of adoption but you also have to know how to properly adopt There are eight main steps to adopting the first being to move from infertility to adoption Infertility is the inability to conceive children For some people moving from the stage of infertility to adoption can be a very long process When you are adopting it is best to talk with an adoption counselor to talk you through and advance your knowledge of which adoption is best for you answer any questions you may have and finally deciding if adoption is right for you If adoption is your final decision in your mind you must fully commit towards adoption before beginning the process of adoption If you are considering adoption you must fully transition and commit toward adoption before beginning the adoption process The second step is selecting which adoption you want to do You need to ask yourself certain questions such as What age do I want to adopt Do I want to adopt internationally or domestically and do I want to have communication with the birth parents Next is choosing a professional adoption You may realize how much it cost to adopt but you also need to look into wait times the hidden fees how much education they already have based on their age and much more

There are many factors of American Adoptions to become an active family Home study is required in every adoption that tests if you are ready to become parents APQ uses many questions to try to fit you with the best birth mother The fifth step out of eight is waiting for an adoption opportunity Once you have filled out your APQ and home study you will now be an active family waiting for the right birth mother to come along When you are in the stage of an active family it is important to live your regular lifestyle while keeping your activity in adoption close to your family only Having communication with the birth parents before adoption is a big key factor in adoption When the birth mother has picked you to become the new parents you will then be involved in an adoption opportunity which is where the birth parents and adopting parents will both select the same adoption plan Finalizing the adoption is the most exciting part of the adoption parents journey This stage is where the adoption is completely legal and the child is now a part of your family

There are three things that must be completed o reach the seventh stage Complete ICPC stands for interstate compact for the placement of children which is if you cross lines you must wait for paperwork to be completed Complete post visits which is where you will show your home study that the adopted baby is being treated well Finalization hearing is the judge s final review of the environment of the child and if the decision was made right by the birth parents The last stage is keeping in touch with the birth parents over the years by sending pictures and letter updates for the first 18 years of the child's life The requirements of adoption require from state to state The state of Tennessee requires you to be at least 18 years old and a resident of the state for at least 6 months consecutively The requirements from foster care differ You must officially be a TN resident and at least the age of 21 or older In conclusion adoption is a very long process that requires parents that can wait and be patient There are many advantages still to be listed but this is the main idea of it Adoption is a lifelong relationship that has many steps prior to it that also requires many requirements for different states

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