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My Leadership Philosophy

My Leadership Philosophy Over the past 18 years I have observed and learned from numerous individuals ranging from Platoon Sergeants Installation Commanders CEO's and even Presidents of companies I have seen firsthand countless examples of extremely effective leadership and unfortunately I have seen many examples of poor leadership With that said I have taken snippets from all of these styles and developed my very own personal leadership objectives concentrating on three major objectives It is my goal and intention to always 1 Lead by Example 2 Communicate Effectively and 3 Mentor and Empower those that I lead and work alongside of LEAD BY EXAMPLE Mahatma Gandhi once said We must become the change we want to see My take on that is that in order to have others follow your lead you must be willing to set the example to be willing to do the right thing even when nobody's looking If I want men and women of integrity working for me I need to be a man of integrity If I want people to work hard then I must work hard If I want and expect the team to give their best then I will need to give my very best People are great judges of character and can also detect hypocrisy I will not ask you to do anything that I would not do myself I will ensure that my actions speak louder than my words I will work diligently at being a good role model for others to match while rewarding those that follow the example I will always give my all in hopes of inspiring those that I lead to do the same I will set the example EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION 

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The novel that I am doing for my book report is The Maze Runner

The novel that I am doing for my book report is The Maze Runner written by James Dashner Mr Dashner is an American writer who mainly writes fiction for young adults He was born in Georgia but currently resides in Utah with wife and four children Before Mr Dashner started writing full time he earned his degree in accounting and worked in the field of finance for several years Mr Dashner has written many series of novels but is best known for his series the Maze Runner He has won several awards and honors At the beginning of The Maze Runner there is a teenager named Thomas who wakes up in a dark metal box with none of his memory Finally the box starts to move up and Thomas gets scared frightened and cold He started to yell for help because he did not know what was happening and he felt like hours turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours While going up in the box the box stopped and Thomas began to see light When the box opened it opened to a place called The Glade When the box was fully opened a lot of people that made a crowd started to gather around the box When Thomas gets out of the box he steps into the The Glade One of the people that lives in the Glade named Alby tells Thomas all about

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