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William Peters George Washington

William Peters George Washington On June 15 1775 the delegates in the Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia unanimously elected George Washington to command all the continental forces for the defense of American liberty Many factors influenced this decision he was a southerner and could easily unite all of the colonies he was the most known military commander in the colonies and he was a competent leader He was a distinguished leader and man of character By the time of the American Revolution George Washington was widely respected as a proven soldier charismatic general and accomplished military expert He was a visionary leader He dreamed of a united independent republican country controlled by the free people He dreamed that this country would be the first of the free countries and that tyranny would die starting here and then spread throughout the world During the battle at Monmouth New Jersey against the British army American troops were in disarray and were fleeing the battle when Washington took control General Lafayette claimed that his presence stopped the retreat and that his duty to his army and his ideals of the country could not hold him back George Washington valued the people he led rather than thinking of them as means to an end Religion was a very big part of Washington s life since his childhood 

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