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DNA technology is used everyday for a multiple of Reasons

People rely on DNA technology to survive The body needs different things for different reasons Cloning Genetic testing and Stem Cell research are just a few ways that DNA technology is used worldwide Some uses can be life threatening but other forms of use are positive over all the positive uses rule out everything to me When you think of cloning the first thing that pops into your head is probably two exact people one person as the original and one as the clone DNA cloning happens when there are two different DNA genes One gene will be used for the cloning the other gene is a bacterial plasmid and acts as a carrier to the cloning DNA Bacterial plasmids are small DNA molecules that can separately copy themselves from other bacterial DNA One advantage to cloning is that it can help a couple have a baby with the help of a surrogate mother Another advantage is that cloning can be a cure for some diseases Cloning also has its disadvantages it can bring some diseases while in use Cloning can lead to problems with organ rejection

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The assessment of transformational leadership when grouped on demographic Characteristics

Several studies identified that significant differences in the assessment of transformational leadership when grouped on demographic characteristics For instance Mohammed Othman and Silva 2012 examined the significant difference between demographic variables and transformational leadership styles in Malaysia Using t test and ANOVA the findings showed that no significant differences between gender race marital status and educational level and transformational leadership This means that transformational leadership does not depend on demographic variables Jonesa Khaled and Bekhet 2015 explored the relationship of leadership styles transformational and transactional leaderships and demographics of leaders in Egypt The results showed that transformational leadership style was more adopted than transactional leadership Moreover the demographic factors type of business position age sex length of service and educational attainment have no impact on leadership styles This indicates that the leaders demographics are not significant factors in determining leadership styles 2 2 Intention to Quit There are several studies that explored the construct intention to quit For example Hayes 2015 examined the relationship between age education gender income length of tenure and employee turnover intention among full time employees in Texas

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Family time is becoming rare in our Society

Today‚Äôs families are busier than ever Parents are trying to manage all of the demands day to day life can bring and carry out all the roles associated with maintaining family life The challenge of making time for each other can interfere with efforts to maintain well being of the family This issue is affecting families more than we realize Parents are experiencing increased stress from trying to juggle so much children are experiencing emotional disturbances as well With divorce rates on the rise and an increase of juvenile delinquency the well being of families appear to be on a downward slope Taking a deeper look regarding the impact of family time and its effects on the well being of the family is an important aspect for researchers to study There are various aspects of life that can affect the amount of time families are able to spend together One of the areas is the amount of hours parents work Long work hours can greatly take their toll on not only parents but the children as well 

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