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In our society today you should be successfully Educated

In our society today you should be successfully educated and married with a husband and possibly with kids and a good solid job that you love However Conforming to society can destroy your individual state of being a person should conform to society to be successful because in society you can lose things that are very helpful and important to you if you don't conform Conforming to society can help you get out of tough situations In this story The Crucible Arthur Miller uses Abigail Reverend Parris Elizabeth and John Proctor to show that people should conform and be individuals no matter the cost In the story The Crucible you should conform to society in order to be successful because if you don t it can cost you to lose very valuable and meaningful things In Act 2 Elizabeth is going to jail because she was accused of doing witchcraft John Proctor is upset because he feels as though he is losing his wife because of this situation Proctor says I will bring you home I will bring you soon Miller 101 John Proctor is upset and frightened because his wife Elizabeth is being accused of doing witchery but no one has proof of her doing witchcraft in the land If Elizabeth confesses and blames it on someone else she will be set free The court then asks John to confesses so he can save his life as well Damn the village I confess to God and God has seen my name on this I t is enough Miller 131 

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The Kenyan health sector is made up of 3 Components

INTRODUCTION The Kenyan health sector is made up of 3 components The first component is the public sector which comprises the government owned health facilities Secondly is the non commercial private sector which comprises of Faith Based Organizations FBOs Non Governmental Organizations NGOs and the mission hospitals Third is the private sector which is entirely for commercial purposes The government is said to own a greater percentage of these facilities followed by the private sector as shown below in Figure 1 Even so the private sector is known to be the largest employer of healthcare professionals in Kenya Barnes et al 2010 Figure 1 Distribution of health facilities by ownership and level of care Source Kenya Ministry of Health 2012 In the past decade the government health expenditure has remained below the recommended This is at 6 below the 15 agreed upon in the Abuja Declaration and among one of the lowest shares in the East Africa Community World Bank 2014 Due to this the health sector is dependent on external donor funding Kenya's health sector has been labelled as labour intensive with spending 80 of its health budget to personnel compensation leaving about 20 to cater for infrastructure Even so health workforce still remains a challenge Ill equipped health facilities unsafe working environments poor remuneration unequal distribution of staff limited training opportunities and career progression and low morale are among the challenges faced by the global health workforce

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