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Acquisition stage of a new parcel of Land

Following the acquisition stage of a new parcel of land and the decision to develop a new housing scheme the developer needs to select a procurement method based on market research and funding capabilities by keeping in mind the lowest risk and lowest cost When selecting procurement one must consider various criteria so as to ensure that the employer developer chooses the best possible method applicable to the development at hand Generally there are three types of procurement methods which include 1 General Contracting 2 Design Build and 3 Construction Management The selection would therefore by based on the various advantages and disadvantages of each Since the developer in question relies heavily on time frames and consistency of branding having a set brief with detailed specifications one must understand that quality and time are essential to the project's execution In general contracting a selected contractor would be responsible for managing and building the development as specified by the employer and in which they are responsible for subcontractors time of delivery and quality In such cases the employer would only have one point of reference in the general contractor however there will not be any direct control on subcontractors and the resulting works This in turn may lead to prolonged timeframes in the eventuality of unsatisfactory quality of work even though the general contractor is solely responsible

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What type of sinner resides in this section of Hell

What type of sinner resides in this section of hell What is their punishment How does this punishment fit the sin The Evil Counselors are the sinners that reside in the Eighth Pouch of the Eighth Circle of Hell Essentially these are people that used their power and their intellect for evil The punishment is to reside in flames that flicker in the dark valley of the eighth pouch Each flame is to contain a sinner to suffer for a fraud they committed The poetic justice is that the they are moving endlessly inside these great flames which are representative of their guilty conscience set aflame 2 Name and briefly give the story of famous sinner s Dante speaks with in this canto A famous sinner that Dante speaks with is Guido da Montefeltro He was a original member of the Ghibellines and eventually underwent a religious conversion to join a Franciscan monastery However he was persuaded by Pope Boniface VIII to enter politics on the opposing side Boniface asked him for advice on conquering Palestrina and promised absolution in advance of he helped even if his counsel was false He agreed to provide wrong counsel which was his biggest sin This monumental sin that burdens Guido is observed when his soul tells Dante He demanded my advice and I kept silent for his words seemed drunken to me until he said Your soul need fear no wound I absolve your guilt beforehand XXVII 95 99 3 Describe the landscape Any rivers What are the other distinguishing features of this landscape There are not many distinguishable features as this eighth pouch is simply a dark ominous valley This valley is set ablaze with several flames of the sinners 4

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