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A brief History of the brand Vini Cosmetics

Introduction A brief History of the brand and company HISTORY of the company profile Darshan Patel founder and CEO of Vini Cosmetics Patel launched Vini Cosmetics in 2009 and started selling Fogg Friend of Good Guys Girls in 2011 he knew he had to stand out in a crowded market What he did is a testament not only to his marketing brain but also to the contrarian call he took as an entrepreneur While everyone was marketing their deodorant based on smell he decided to sell its longevity The move worked Not only did he dethrone Hindustan Unilever's Axe India's largest selling deodorant at the time in two years but he also took Vini Cosmetics of which he is the founder and CEO past Rs 610 crore in revenue by March 2016 He s even making a profit he claims but declines to disclose the numbers In the FMCG business you have to make mistakes Unless you do that you ll never know what succeeds says Patel in his office in Ahmedabad Patel joined Paras Pharma his family business A chemistry graduate he had no marketing qualifications except for an interest in understanding what the consumer wants It was primarily his marketing success that took Paras from Rs 50 lakh a year company in 1985 to a Rs 100 crore firm in 1999 In 2006 following differences with his family he sold his stake in Paras Pharma Patel returned to business with Vini and Fogg in 2009 but its sales stuttered for a year

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