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TWL an electronics engineering company founded by Melissa Li

TWL an electronics engineering company founded by Melissa Li has grown to become a multinational organisation But for the moment there are many conflicts between the committee of engineers and the board of directors of management experts Losing faith in her ability to be a leader Melissa finds the engineers do not believe she can run TWL effectively and effectively and the board assumes they should get more power to accelerate their business In the area of organisation behaviour leadership is one of the most studied and frequently discussed topics This paper will begin by discussing what is leadership it will then argue Melissa s action and finally consider how can she bring about change in the business Leadership is the process that can influence and motivate a group to achieve organisational goals Maclean 2008 Through the various departments of interdependence the control of information the centrality in the organisation and the handling of uncertainty the leadership forms Then manager s approach can affect all aspects of the team such as productivity morale and group cohesion Managers and members promote the team together to the established goal thus forming an organic system Sun 2011 No one type fits all so various leaders have various leadership styles to suit a different kind of business 

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President Kennedy US History Period

President Kennedy US History Period.This is when John F Kennedy was in office and initiated social development which defeated major differences between Americans and the rest of the world Throughout the time of domestic war and concerns of foreign relations this was something the U S experienced and President Kennedy helped the people get through One speech that Kennedy gave at St Anselm College on May 5 1960 speaking on the topic of the coming Cold War and America s conduct in it It was very detailed in the how to conduct the foreign policy especially when it came to the African nations while also informing others of keeping a support system for African nationalism In order to improve the American society President Kennedy made many programs When it came to some of the most important leaders in the Civil Rights Movement Kennedy was one of them along with leaders like Martin Luther King Jr Malcolm X and Rosa Parks making him one of the biggest voices for minorities The creation of the Peace Corps into the New Frontier Program had a lot of help from Kennedy He also helped not only with African Americans but U S immigration as well President Kennedy was against segregation and supported black people but he believed originally that there was another approach to the legislation because of the problems he faced with the Southern Conversationalists while in congress 1During 1960 Kennedy had a campaign named after Martin Luther King Jr s wife Coretta Scott King who was put in jail President Kennedy s brother Robert Kennedy went on to get her released when he called the governor of Georgia and had him release her this gained Kennedy attention and more support from the African American support He was the first to announce racism and call Americans on it

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