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Hope For The Future

Many of us have different hopes and dreams for the future of our country Everyday there s always something unethical or harmful happening One vision many of us have is where all is equal no gender biased opinions racial comments domestic violence robberies and the list goes on On September 22 2006 many people were born one being me I was born into a world where there was anger or fear in everyone but I was too naive to realize that I didn t realize there was a storm brewing in everyone s eyes even in mine We all have our own stories and some are really traumatizing Some people get abused sexually assaulted harassed bullied and even killed Every 40 seconds someone kills themselves and we begin to question why Why would someone with a bright future ahead end it all It s because of someone s actions but you were too blind to see it Every two minutes in the USA a woman is assaulted and many say she was asking for it The girl that possibly died or is traumatized couldn t control that person s actions Everyday racist comments are thrown around to the one another Some innocent people get hurt due to those racial differences Another thing is when people struggle with their sexuality Many people we live among are homophobic to the LGBTQ community 

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