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Speed was essential and I ran into the room and swiped with my August Knife at where I thought the ambusher would be I felt only air and a sixth sense told me to drop down just as what I assumed would be a knife rushed past my head I threw my August Knife after I had calculated the the general direction from which it had been thrown from A grunt of pain told me I had met my target and I rushed at him my Friday knife already drawn I quickly found what was his neck my favorite target point but for the first time I hesitated His cool blue eyes stared right at me and he made no sound He stared defiantly into my eyes I felt a strange feeling that I hadn t felt since my childhood I felt fear I was supposed to be the one in charge of this encounter yet his eyes pierced through me more effectively than any knife ever could Ivan I said my voice not reflecting the fear I currently felt Van Jetta he said in response I couldn't help it I burst into laughter I see you haven t been practicing your morse code lately He stared at me ever so defiantly making me want to press the knife deeper into his neck He gave me the ghost of a smile in return and croaked what I made out to be a curse so bad that it alone might have gotten him onto death row

To his dislike I would spare the State the trouble I couldn t stand his eyes I don t know why but I felt regret just as I started to cut his pharynx I drew back and settled for a knockout blow to the side of the head He would be spared for now I needed to talk to him It was an inexplicable feeling that told me I needed something from him I went to the other side of the room wiping my knife on the inside of my shirt as I went I flicked on the light and a reassuring buzz filled the room The image of those eyes still haunted me The room was fairly small with a couch and a TV on the left far side and a computer sitting atop a desk on the far right side My soon to be victim was sprawled just beside it I walked over to the TV walking around the couch and over a moron Before I got to it I cut the cable behind it with my Friday Knife and hoped it wasn't feeling left out I jerked on the cable with one hand and it got unplugged easily I assessed the cable It would do I needed it more flexible so I used my Friday Knife to cut the rubber casing I needed the wire to be flexible I was going to tie his thumbs and legs together though the legs were just backup For extra measure I even tied his shoelaces together I moved the couch to face him and sat down to wait And the peasant has resurrected on the third hour I mocked Tyler responded with a not so smart question 

What do you want from me I would continue to mock him Nothing good I assure you Nothing worse than you deserve He used his abdomen to help him sit up and once again gave his rebellious look The look he gave me forced me to give an an involuntary and hopefully inaudible yelp By the way I go by the name of Vendetta It means vengeance in Italian He finished my sentence and I realized he had put together what this meant for him and displayed a terrified look on his face Who do you work for Police FBI He asked seeming so phony I couldn't help myself again I laughed louder than what was probably necessary An FBI agent is going to break into your house by himself armed with knives Believe it or not he actually considered it for a few moments but I contain my laughter in order to add to his discomfort Finally he shook his head I realized the intensity I had seen in his eyes was gone I was dominating this conversation now Why He asked so innocently I m fighting fire with fire Since I was taught growing up to not ignore questions Thanks to my older brother being murdered while trying to help a woman being mugged I realized that not enough is done for us The very people who are supposed to be there for our protection are the very people endangering us I figured out that I had to stand up for the community Ever since then So you think killing me will fix things You think doing the very same thing that killers are being punished for will help anyone Tyler yelled like a mother would scold a child The dangerous fire I had seen in his eyes earlier was back I gave him a stare so cold I doubt the ice princess of Arendelle could have managed to make ice as cold It was his turn to cringe As I was saying after I avenged my brother I decided to help everyone who had a family member killed Anthony Hughes family heard about my underground network and contacted me giving me the information that I needed I come seeking vendetta on behalf of your victim's family since the police don

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