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Changes in the business world

Changes in the business world are constant in order to adapt to the changing world for survival and competitive advantage In line with this implementation of learning and development initiatives also takes some particular considerations on the things that it affects Hence issues and challenges may also arise in successful implementation From the book Organization Development Change by Cummings and Worly 2009 there are certain issues and challenges of implementing intervention can be seen and realize in the book It talks about the misleading view of how evaluation and implementation process should be done however it also explains the important consideration of measurement of relevant variable and the design of the evaluation process and how it is intended to guide the implemented intervention It also argues about once the intervention is implemented then it should be evaluated to discover the effects and its results This process is believed to be partially correct since implementation could not be taken for granted for it requires significant changes particularly in people s behaviors and ways of thinking In line this it involves much trial and error that it needs to be guided by information about behaviors and procedures that are changed The evaluation process should begin with determining training needs assessment helps identify what knowledge skills and behavior

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