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There are many formats and all of them have their advantages and Disadvantages

Depending on the final use of graphic images changes the format another factor delivery on the network When graphic images are used on the Internet it must be downloaded from the site server in this way the viewer can see the content If the user has an Internet connection it is graphical Images may take some time to download compared to 3G or high speed broadband Like me They say some formats all of them are different in size the larger file size will take longer but the speed may be different depending on what type of Internet connection is used Formats best for online use PNG JPEG and GIF In JPEG format it is good has a small file size but some quality can be done in this format the PNG format is Again a small file size but this format allows you to use transparency in graphics unlike other formats and finally GIF is good because the file is very small and the download speed is The graphics are very fast however as I said you are limited to a small range of colors Magazines Graphic images used in A4 and A5 magazines should be in stock The correct format is for the viewer to see the photos beautiful detail A good format for this will be TIFF it The format is very suitable for printing TIFF is good A graphics based on pixels may also have large files not qualitative unlike JPEG or GIFF format where file is small but you lose quality graphics and using TIFF you can have layers and alpha transparency Billboards Accumulation Ultra Large Image 

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Dr Seuss published The Lorax

In 1972 Dr Seuss published The Lorax The story is about of strange isolated man who lives in a very polluted area The strange man called the Once ler is visited by a curious young boy who is seeked to hear the legend of the Lorax The Once ler tells the boy of his arrival to a valley filled with Truffula trees and a range of animals The Once ler in his long anticipation of seeing a Truffula tree began to chop down the tree to use its silk like texture to put together his versatile invention called the Thneed Appearing from the stump of a Truffula tree comes the Lorax the speaker of the trees The Lorax shares his disapproval in what the Once ler is doing but to no success Encouraged by the prosperity of his new found garment the Thneed the Once ler sees his chance at financial growth His small shop turns into a giant factory were he has his relatives come to work and new machinery is used to chop trees like nothing The Lorax informs the Once ler of the damage he is doing to the environment causing all the animals to migrate away from their home The Once ler is yet again reluctant to stop his business

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