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The way women were seen in society completely changed during and after WWII

During WWII women were replacing jobs of men who were called in to fight They also made contributions to the war effort Because of the women replacing jobs of the men when they went to war they were accepted into work factories and in other places of work in 1943 Men saw how well the women were able to help and contribute to the war efforts while the men were gone fighting so the women were able to keep their jobs and were still accepted into factories and other workplaces after the war Family structure was completely destroyed during and after WWII as well The parents were constantly separated from their children The father usually went to war while the mother usually took the job of the father while he was gone According to Sandeep Kumar s slideshare seven million forced labors were left for their own land 14 million Germans came from the east having to live in dismal camps for years Many infrastructure projects were happening during the German occupation Because of this quantities of food for Germans was larger than before Germany then became a primary importer of manufactured goods The graph to the right shows the unemployment rate in Germany starting in 1949 4 years after the war has ended As one can see Germany started off with lots of unemployment after the war but as years went on the unemployment rate became smaller and smaller 

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Developing a system for the implementation of the Goals

Call for developing a system for the implementation of the goals follow up and review of the progress being made a Agency and Expert Group that discusses SDG indicators i Countries should use UNIDA backed SDG indicators and focus around 2 indicators on each target ii A gap analysis should be carried out to Meta analyze SDG indicator studies and benchmarks b Reviews should come at national levels such as the SDG Progress Report to address the implementation strategies at national levels in national parliaments 2 Emphasizes the need to Collaboration of UN Trust Fund for most of the afforestation projects in developing nations Aforestation should be done on the model of S T T in deforested areas sustainable transplantation of trees in deforested areas Funding would be done by developed nations and UN trust fund for 15 years or until 23percent forest in a country is achieved Certain forests should only get reserve for industrial usage Sustainable growth of forest should be encouraged

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