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Australia is a country in the world with very concentrated media environment

Australia is a country in the world with very concentrated media environment In the past 30years the Australian media has spectacular changes and improvement Television is one of Australian media was changed a lot and the changes influenced the human beings and the social such as the lifestyle Its extensive history shows the significant role of media in introducing its citizens to the potential of television So the television is a typical representation of the media in Australia Therefore this essay will focus on the changes of television in Australian and how it has changed over time and what are influenced by theses changes in the past 30 years The changes of television in Australia in order to a lot of factors the important were ownership politics and the content In the policy it inflicted the process of television in Australia For example television programs started changed from broadcasting Almost all household in the country even in rural areas have televisions sets as a common fixture Every citizen has an access to the media especially when there are two major broadcasting services in the country the Special Broadcasting Service and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation which has presence on radio airwaves the web and television This digital era paved way for top of the line entertainment accessories which enhanced the viewing experience of Australians With sleek screens and clear picture viewers were consuming enormous amounts of video online for hour on every day It was in this decade that reality TV started to take off starting with Big Brother Survivor and Australian Idol Jacobs C 2013 para 6 12 

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