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Isn't marriage hard I have been married for 5 Months

Isn't marriage hard I have been married for 5 months Yes it is so short but I've realized that marriage is not easy at all Marriage brings two people s lives into one life Growing up I always thought that when I meet and marry the right one life would be perfect and I would live happily ever after with that person Well that is true but also not true because marriage is not that easy There are days I feel so lucky to be with the one I love everyday but there are days I feel like I m trying to mix oil and water together Marriage takes faith love and change We have to work hard in order to have a successful marriage Hard work doesn't always show positive results on the first or second time But the point is to keep trying until it works FAITH Faith in what Faith that everything will work out in the end Why don't people just live together before getting married so that we'd actually know whether or not we get along well before committing to legal marriage Well then this is not marriage and marriage takes faith Faith in your spouse faith in the futures even faith in yourself But most importantly faith in God and the Savior and his Atonement that could bless your marriage 

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