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Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Arizona State University Application

I am a strong believer in continuous learning and improving both professionally and personally Obtaining a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in Arizona State University is the next goal in my developmental streak after having gained a valuable experience of 2 years working as an Engineer at Lodha Group in India I want to gain knowledge in the field of computational engineering which will aid me to be an expert in the field Over the course of my undergraduate studies I grew to like some subjects more than others Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD Finite Element Analysis FEA Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Thermal Systems became favorite subjects Mathematics is my core strength which I think is due to my parents who are high school professor of mathematics and science I really liked the subjects related to various techniques in computation of real world problem CFD taught me overall methodology of preprocessing solving and post processing I got to know numerical techniques of discretization and solving linear algebraic and partial differential equations The concept of mathematical modelling of governing equations of thermal and fluid flow interested me a lot FEA taught me how to formulate numerical model for a given system using weighted residual methods Rayleigh Ritz Method I also learnt to solve one and two dimensional element equations using matrices I gained hands of experience of using finite element software to model analyze and design mechanical engineering systems During my undergraduate studies I have worked on projects and technical paper using the knowledge learnt in my courses

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