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The research problem is a verbal procedure involving the precise Breakdown

The research problem is a verbal procedure involving the precise breakdown of the topic into questions and problems If we want it to be correct it must meet several conditions formulated problems must exhaust the scope of our ignorance contained in the research topic formulations should contain all general relationships between variables the problem should be empirically and practically decidable in the concept phase you can not be sure about it The research question may be inappropriate behavior of students at school We always look for the research problem when we examine something But before we get to that we must first choose the method that we will examine the phenomenon By the research method we mean the way of reaching the goal that science is setting for itself The main methodological requirements include research methods and methods of cognition should follow the principles of the scientific method of cognition dialectical and historical materialism the dialectic method requires consideration of phenomena as interrelated and conditioned requires the researcher to know the richness of a given material in a comprehensive way The historical material teaches how to show the close historical dependence of all educational institutions such or other forms of social consciousness pedagogical theories from the socio economic structure in a given historical period In addition to these general requirements there are several more methodical postulates in pedagogy During the entire research process we distinguish three phases the concept phase the phase of research and the analysis of these tests and drawing conclusions In first we are preparing for research and we have to do things like

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