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University of Management and Technology Starting A Business Transparency of information at business registries These variations have been made in the awaken of a series of revelations In recent year Government and domestic think together that the true information for business is very important because transparency of business information to a business is very important and if providing the true information that it's clear everything to the other party or needed person To providing the healthy or transparency information new roll and regulation is introduced to expand or increase or improve the information that is important to a business These new regulation and information open the eyes and waken a series of revelation like that panama and Bahamas leaks that show the extent of those people that take advantages and obtain ownership of obscure companies in all over the world that is an illegal working like in Pakistan our priminister Nawaz shareef is a big example of panama papers or leaks So it is a big advantage to other that you easily obtain a transparence information that is not wrong This year Doing Business collect the prime data that information and share it to the 190 economic Doing business find or collect the data or information through the public availability that is the both details of like the all documents if you start a business and second the corporation name their director name its shareholders name and owner name

All these information easily available HOW IMPORTANT IS TRANSPARENCY IN BUSINESS REGISTRIES A good and true information is very important when a business is starting Transparency information is a pool of foreign investor that through transparency information the investor easily contact to the other person It reduce the risk of corruption and Miss Handballing Through the principal support liable for registering firms these business registries give permission to other companies to obtain a legal identity Through this lawful standing providing the enables to other companies to go into agreements with other companies through this Organization easily right of entry formal financial systems and offer on public sector agreements Sharing is a best way to other that everyone easily obtain this information Information publicly creates it easier to guarantee that the info is correct Through the Business registry transparency increase the accountability of companies and public officials WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC Most organization share their data with the public that the companies is registered them These information is company names their legal address the when he incorporate the information about their activity and the name of their directors and owners In sapphire you easily find sapphire data through internet that mean that is available in online their mission and vision like etc that I give detail in above The register rogation that provide their data or information that is good companies They provide information about their organization structure and the information of annual return and beneficial owner These information is easily available in internet 

This information you see online that is their identification numbers their name etc HOW IS INFORMATION MADE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC Throughout the older time government agencies about the world have exposed Ways to rise business registry transparency The need for right of entry to business Data in the name of better Many companies digitize their data or information that you easily find it it's a good way to reduce the time of finger and anywhere he easily obtain data that the corporation name ECT he his registration number etc Today is globalization everyone have internet or need to save their time all information as he want easily find it so through online it s to be possible without reducing time through the internet this world is connect to each other You can easily search the concern company or organization detail remotely through online information the cost of search and transaction the reduce In sapphire the all export orders is handling through internet or online customer visit their site and give order and through the online you make everything like all detail is share in 0 second all payments is don through online HOW IS TRANSPARENCY OF INFORMATION ASSOCIATED WITH EFFICIENCY AND CORRUPTION Information of a corporation ownership and when start a business is associated with to rise the economy's overall levels of transparency or increase in efficacy of business registration and through this decrees the bribery

Outside giving readily available and reliable information about existing companies it is important that entrepreneurs can openly access information about the requirements to establish a business such as a list of required documents fee schedules and services standards When public access to information on company incorporation requirements is limited it can represent A substantial obstacle to entrepreneurs who want to start a business However when transparency is a priority for business registries and all requirements are made public more firms are able to enter the formal sector If Main Finding Transparent information provided to the public by business registries can reduce transactions costs and facilitate Investment decisions The most common types of information shared by business registries include the company's name its legal address and the names of its directors Information on beneficial ownership corporate structure and annual financial returns is less commonly Collected and made available to the public Technological advances have greatly enhanced access to information There is a strong association between a transparent business registry and higher efficiency as well as a lower incidence of bribery Reference Htt www doingbusiness org reports Cyriane coste Fredric Nadia Novik Morgan Reeves is Write this case study 14 people is providing Information about this case

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