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NSC 68 is a document or strategy paper written on April of 1950

NSC 68 is a document or strategy paper written on April of 1950 to examine the blueprints accessible to the President of the United States in defense to the U S S R amid the progressing Cold War This report concentrates on the military monetary political and mental viewpoints of the United States in relationship to the U S S R NSC 68 was exhibited to President Truman by his National Security Council It was fundamentally composed by Paul H Nitze named by Dean Acheson the Deputy Director of the State Department Policy Planning Staff Nitze the Chief of the Policy Planning Staff was selected for his experience on the U S Vital Bombing Survey Team his comprehension of administrative methodology and ultimately his gigantic written work abilities NSC 68 was to examine the need or need thereof for a gigantic military development an expansion in military subsidizing for the military and approval for the improvement of the nuclear bomb The reason for this archive in light of President Truman's ask for to the National Security Council was to lead a reevaluation of our goals in peace and war and of the impact of these targets on our vital plans NSC 68 is an affirmation to the U S President expressing the unavoidable plan of the Soviet Union to assume control over the free world by its desire to wind up plainly the single overwhelming politically influential nation by extending socialism and Soviet expert to non Soviet territory s of the world Along these lines NSC 68 called for prompt activity and contained a nitty gritty diagram delineating a proposition for uncommon changes in the current U S remote approach of control Nitze proposed in NSC 68 that the U S take a more extraordinary and forceful type of outside strategy to protect our own country and shield the free world from socialist run the show NSC 68 proposed the requirement for a forcefully bigger and more arranged military by the methods for higher financing to back it s extension NSC 68 likewise proposed the requirement for the improvement of the nuclear bomb for use if there should arise an occurrence of an atomic risk Forty five days after the September 11 psychological oppressor assaults on the United States Congress passed the USA PATRIOT Act otherwise called the Joining together and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act or all the more essentially the Patriot Act
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