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Literary devices are often used in literature to engage the Reader

Literary devices are often used in literature to engage the reader in the text by making it more alluring while adding more depth and meaning In the tragedy of Julius Caesar written by Shakespeare a conspiracy rises against Caesar which is lead by Caesar s good friend Cassius Cassius effectively gets more characters to join the conspiracy through his ability to persuade through language Throughout the tragedy the author uses many literary devices including imagery metaphors and personification to emphasize the art of persuasion Cassius uses to make the pitch to join the conspiracy more convincing to other characters Shakespeare use of metaphors allow him to advance the central message of persuasion by making Cassius have the ability to convince characters to join the conspiracy against Caesar through metaphors Cassius attempts to convince Brutus to join his conspiracy against Caesar because he doesn t believe Caesar is worthy of becoming king Cassius asks Brutus is he can see his own face which he obviously replies that he can t unless he has a mirror in which Cassius goes on to say And since you know you cannot see yourself So well as by reflection I your glass Will modestly discover to yourself That of yourself which you yet know not of I II 72 75 Cassius uses this metaphor to persuade Brutus by telling him that he can be Brutus's mirror to show him how great he can be if they overcome Caesar 

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Different Methods and Applications for the Recovery of Protein

As seen above companies have decided to put special emphasis on the recovery of nutrients from waste streams protein in this case This review provides an in depth understanding of the Different methods and applications for the recovery of protein from waste Membrane technology has been successfully employed for protein recovery from waste streams in the dairy industry for years What is membrane technology According to Winston Ho and sirkar 1992 It is a separation technology that uses semi permeable membrane filters to concentrate or fractionate a feed stream of liquid i e waste stream resulting in two product streams The compounds which pass through the semipermeable membrane with the liquid is known as the permeates and the liquid retained is known as the retenate also known as the rejected liquid S Ganju et al 2017 Membrane separation methods are identified as the most viable methods for protein recovery at this moment in time sparsh Ganju 2017 The most widely used processes to separate components such as whey protein and casein in the dairy industry are Microfiltration Ultrafiltration and Reverse osmosis Ultrafiltration is a process where proteins can be efficiently recovered resulting in a high yield and purity Atra et al 2005 Before Ultrafiltration Pretreatment must take place this involves the removing of suspended fat and casein particles by microfiltration It also helps to reduce the fouling of the ultrafiltration membrane Cancino et al 2006
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