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New Renewable Energy Sources such as Crude Oil and Petroleum

1 2 Introduction My inspiration for this investigation came from listening to a CBC podcast on sustainable energy sources during my car ride to school As society is becoming more aware of the consequences of global warming and new renewable energy sources such as crude oil and petroleum is becoming more scarce and costly scientists are more eager to discover alternative fuel sources to meet the increasing demand for sustainable energy In 2017 alcohols are becoming more recognized as promising renewable fuel sources due to their high octane rating and fuel efficiency For instance ethanol acts as a popular sustainable fuel substitute to gasoline for powering vehicles in Brazil the United States and Europe Ethanol has many advantages such as it s carbon neutral properties positive energy balance and lower levels of greenhouse gases upon combustion Ethanol blended fuels such as E85 composed of 85 ethanol and 15 gasoline can reduce the net emissions of greenhouse gases by 37 1 This made me wonder why is only ethanol used as a primary fuel source opposed to methanol propanol and butanol What is the relationship between the chemical composition of an alcohol and the amount of energy they release
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