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Measuring and Assessing the Effect of Early Intervention Policies

Measuring and assessing the effect of early intervention policies such as Sure Start can be lengthy and complicated because it involves analyzing the outcomes over a number of years from the early years into later childhood The Labour and Coalition Governments each constituted that a multi year longitudinal study be carried out The National Evaluation of Sure Start NESS and Evaluation of Children's Centres in England ECCE respectively to determine and analyse the effect of Sure Start against its policy objectives The Evaluation of Children's Centres in England ECCE is a six year study ordered by the Department for Education to proffer a distinctive in depth analysis of the impact of various approaches in the management and delivering of children's centre services The project is run in collaboration with NatCen Social Research and Frontier Economics The study concluded that children's centres set up to support parents of young children actually assist in improving the mental health of mothers and functioning of families but that these benefits are being eroded by continuous cuts to the finance of the local authorities DfES Bate Foster 2017 The National evaluation of sure start NESS on the other hand was established in 2001 and it followed up with the children in local programme areas It found improvements in outcomes at the time of the children's centres roll out some of which can be attributed to the improvement in the quality of service resulting from standardisation NESS 2005
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